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Hip-hop. Music Streaming. ELA. History. Test Prep. School will never be the same.

For Students

    Students can access Rhymes with Reason’s library of vocabulary lessons, practice exercises and exams from any device.

For Teachers

    Teachers can enroll students, create assignments monitor performance and customize their own vocabulary modules to coincide with pre-existing lesson plans.

For Everyone

    Rhymes with Reason does not use, or reference any explicit or suggestive content in the lyrics featured across the program. Our content is most age-appropriate for students in middle school and older.

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The standard plan for any school

Unlimited Teacher Accounts

Year-Long Access

Teacher Classrooms, Assignment Creation & Performance Tracking

Pre-Assessment & Post-Assessment included in each student account

Per-seat student access to all Rhymes with Reason modules

  • Fundamentals I (Common Core Tier I vocabulary)
  • Vocabulary Essentials 1 (Tier II)
  • Vocabulary Essentials 2 (Tier II)
  • College Prep 1 (Tier III/SAT & ACT)
  • College Prep 2 (Tier III/SAT & ACT)
  • US History
  • ESL


Laurens 55 (Public) School District (SC)
Hampton City (Public) Schools (VA)
Brotherhood Crusade Non-Profit Organization (CA)
Helix Charter High School (CA)
B. Wright Leadership Academy (FL)

... and many more

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