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A series of online workbooks based on the academic references in students’ favorite hip-hop songs.

Each Rhymes with Reason Module contains 100 or 200 “Word Cards” with:

Followed by standardized test aligned multiple choice quizzes, activities and exercises:

Multiple Choice Questions​

Record your own vocab raps

Picture Based Review Exercises

& More


  • Student progress/performance monitoring.
  • Instant Assignment Creation.
  • Custom Vocabulary Playlist Creation.

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Vocabulary Essentials I & II

  • 200 high-utility vocab words each (400 total), spread across 10 units in each module.
  • Suggested for late middle school/early high school students.

U.S. History

  • 100 words, spotlights key people, key events and key concepts from American history
  • Includes essay questions, and short answer written responses.
  • Suggested for high school students..

College Prep I & II

  • 200 SAT/ACT level words each (400 total), spread across 10 units in each module.
  • Suggested for high school students.

Fundamentals I

  • 200 Tier I Common Core Words.
  • Suggested for late elementary/early middle schoolers.


  • 100 essential academic vocabulary words for native Spanish speakers who are learning English as a second language, 10 weekly units.
  • Spanish translation.

More modules coming for Fall 2018!

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For Schools and Districts

We’ll work with any district or school to determine the best solution for you — from evaluating our product, finding the best payment strategy, and training teachers to use Rhymes with Reason effectively. Contact us to learn more.

For Parents or Individuals

You can purchase an individual account to instantly access our content and work through the program at your own pace.


“I have been teaching for 11 years, and I’ve never found any vocabulary program that aims to engage students more than Rhymes with Reason. Rhymes with Reason aligns well with my classroom and school goals of preparing students for Common Core testing, SATs, ACTs, and college. I really appreciate how the program is explicitly aligned with Common Core Standards! Thank you.”

Elena Samaniego, 9th Grade English Laguna Creek High School, Elk Grove, CA

“Our school, every year, almost without fail, attempts to implement a new vocabulary program, but I can say that Rhymes with Reason, in my classroom, has been more effective than the rest, presumably because it connects with what students are actually listening to and interested in during their own free time.”

Phil Brophy, Hackensack Schools, New Jersey

“Rhymes with Reason responds to an important gap in our current education system where many students' intelligences remain untapped and unseen. [...] The development of this product has been an inspiration and I believe it can help set a higher standard for all educators to see every student and make every effort to tap into their many abilities.”

Sophia Collas, international education professional, graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University

Appropriate for all ages

Rhymes with Reason teaches middle- and high-school vocabulary — but our content is always appropriate for all ages. Rhymes with Reason does not use, or reference any explicit or suggestive content in the hip-hop lyrics included across the program. We pride ourselves on making sure our content is student appropriate.

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